Class and Event Calendar

IMG_1358I teach online private and group lessons. Reach out for info.

Due to Covid-19 all classes are online until further notice. 


Schedule a Class!


If you choose to make an appointment we will use Zoom to do the class.

I am pretty open with all things going on right now, but am doing my best to stick to a Thursday through Sunday schedule.

Class Descriptions

 Always all levels, with options to modify from start to finish.


H.I.I.T. Flows

High Intensity Interval Training combined with the needed recovery you will experience both a cardio and strength exercise followed by a gentle stretch or yoga flow.

Challenge: Cardio, Flexibility

Yin Yoga and Meditation

Very slow and mindful movements with long holds in postures. This class becomes a deep reflection as your body and mind work towards a release. At the end we practice focusing on various points of attention in order to become more present and self-aware. This practice even for a few short minutes a day could reduce stress, promote relaxation, and enhance personal and spiritual growth.

Challenge: Stillness, attention, relaxation.


This is a gentle introduction to a breath to movement (Vinyasa) class style with the option to do some longer holds in restorative postures to provide better alignment in the spine and other major joint groups. 

Challenge: Connect movement to breath, long holds for some seated postures.


Here you’ll find a nice balance of intensity with ease. If you feel a pace is ever too much you can always take a break (this should apply to any practice), but with this class generally there are plenty of warm-ups and modifications to keep you feeling comfortable.

Challenge: Movement and breath connection, standing balance posture options, some inversion options.

Power Yoga

A class that provides strength building with the opportunity to modify if needed, but continues to provide a strong pace with lots of pulsing options. This is a heat building sequence followed by a short cool down and rest.

Challenge: Synchronize breath to movement with pulsation, faster movements, standing and arm balancing options, more heat (if in studio).